Founded in the early 2000s, distinguishes itself for the Design and manufacture of silver tableware, characterized by a strong personality and by an original classy touch, difficult to find elsewhere. Each item is the result of the fusion of ancient artisanal techniques and crafts with modern and at the same time classic designs, where the silver and the crystal form a valuable element of peculiarity and uniqueness. The constant shapes research and the investment in design, allow Italyano to present itself on international markets with Made in Italy gifts ideas characterized by a unique and unreproducible style. The combination of our items will give your table an undoubted originality and class, suitable for both private and public places. Many restaurants and other public places have chosen our equipment to stand out, thus becoming exclusive for an exclusive audience. We chose the beauty of the form to adorn the most beautiful dinner tables, where refined food is elegantly hand out and where a touch of playful craziness is the support of joie de vivre that belongs to who knows to be special. Those who choose our products are aware to be making a strong choice, but also light, as light as games when conducted by class, fun and measurement.
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